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Sports Biographies Coming in 2020

One of the common questions I am often asked at school author visits is, "Have you written any books about _______________[fill in the sport]. Though I have written more than a dozen sports books, they were largely confined to baseball, basketball and hockey.

That all changed this year.

In September, I have a series of four sports books being released through Capstone Press that branch out beyond the big three. The series focuses on teaching young readers about four different sports, both team and individual. They are:

Gymnastics: A Guide for Athletes and Fans

Tae Kwon Do: A Guide for Athletes and Fans

Football: A Guide for Players and Fans

Boys Lacrosse: A Guide for Players and Fans

In addition to adding four more sports to my writing resume, these books were a lot of fun to write. I also spent 2019 branching into sports biographies. I have just finished six sports biographies that wil be released in January 2020 and I am currently working on an additional four more titles in the series. They are:

Alex Morgan: Soccer Champion

Chloe Kim: Gold Medal Snowboarder

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Basketball Powerhouse

Kevin Durant: Basketball Champion

Patrick Mahomes: Football MVP

Khalil Mack: Football Dominator

• Megan Rapinoe (title pending)

• Aly Raisman (title pending)

• Klay Thompson (title pending)

• Adam Thielen (title pending)

It has been so much fun digging into the lives of these incredible athletes and sharing the secrets to their success with readers. I can't wait to share these with students at book fairs, school author visits and writing programs throughout the 2019-20 school year!

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