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Virtual School Author Visits

Almost seven months ago, I visited my last public school for an author visit. Traveling to schools and sharing my passion for writing and my experiences gleaned from writing 65 children's books is by far the favorite part of my career. The enthusiasm students have at my visits, the questions, the energy, and the overall excitement is contagious.

Speaking of contagious, the COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to my author visits . . . until now. Although I fielded many queries from library media specialists, teachers, principals and PTA members about doing "virtual visits," I didn't want to dive in unprepared.

Like all of the authors I know, I put a tremendous amount of thought and planning into my in-person visits. I want them to be an experience the students will remember for a long time. I wasn't willing to host virtual visits until I knew I could at least come close to replicating the in-person experience of my author visits. I'm excited to say, after months of planning, and several test runs, I am now fully set to return to classrooms, albeit it remotely via the wonders of technology.

As with my "normal" visits, the program is interactive. Students can submit questions, win prizes and even have a chance to be my "classroom assistant" for the visit. We still have a book sale in advance of the visit so students, if they wish, can purchase a book and have it signed with a personal message.

I have also added a new element to the virtual program. I have spoken to so many librarians who have had to cut back on book orders because of budget challenges. In response to that, I have started a new program where your school can earn FREE books if you hold a book sale in advance of my visit.

If you would like to learn more about hosting a virtual author visit, you can send an email to: or call 716.390.9203.

I can't wait to be back in your classrooms, auditoriums and libraries sharing my work in person, but until then, I look forward to Zooming into your school soon!

PS: I was extremely busy in 2018-19 and I have ten new books that were released in 2020 by Capstone Press and Callisto Media, as well as two of my most popular ghosts books being released in Spanish. Check out this slideshow to see my newest releases.


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