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A new school year means more school author visits!

As a student, I was never that excited for the start of a new school year. But as a children's book author it is awesome! That's because the arrival of fall means a return to schools as I bring my school author visit program to students across the country. There is truly nothing more gratifying to me than to be able to share my books and my writing experience with students.

Last year I brought my school author visit program to public schools, private schools, charter schools, and even a few summer camps. From Maine to Texas, I had the chance to work with thousands of students from kindergarten through high school and it was truly my best year yet! Of course, like any slightly neurotic writer, I'm not content with that, and I am looking forward to making the 2018-19 school year even better!

I had two new books published in August and I have two more sports books coming in February, so it is going to be another GREAT year visiting schools. You can see all of my books on my Amazon Author Page.

If you are interested in bringing my program to your school, please check out my website, to learn more about my program and then reach out and let's talk.

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