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Author visit to Hillery Park Elementary

This week marked my first author visit for 2018, as I spent two days with the students of PS 27, Hillery Park Elementary School. It was a busy two days as I packed in 14 presentations for students in grades Pre-k through 8th.

No matter how many author visits I do, I am always amazed by how incredibly smart, inquisitive, and excited the students are. They are hungry to learn, and each visit I come away amazed by some of the questions they come up with. The students at Hillery Park were no exception.

Over the course of two days we explored what it takes to become a writer, but more importantly I got to know them as we explored their dreams, their goals, and how they can achieve them, no matter what career they choose. I hope, in the end, I inspired them half as much as they inspired me.

The beauty of students, is that their passion is boundless. They are dreamers, they see a world of possibilities, they just need a little push sometimes to believe they can do anything they want. I met future scientists, police officers, veterinarians, dancers, athletes, business owners, doctors, and more. I met students with dreams. Students with goals. And students that were so excited to have a conversation about believing in themselves and following their dreams. My career as a writer has opened the door for me to have those conversations with young people, and if I can inspire even a single student to keep going when the going gets tough, that's a pretty awesome gift.

I'm taking the weekend off to relax with my own kiddos, then it's time to get my presentations ready for a trip to San Antonio, Texas, where I expect the weather to be considerably warmer than it is in New York, and the students to be just as excited to share their stories.

And, a special thanks to Eryka, one of the amazing Hillery Park students who came back later in the day to give me a drawing she made for me after my presentation to her class. This is one cool cat :)

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