Hi, my name is Matt Chandler and I am the author of more than 60 books for children and thousands of articles published in newspapers and magazines across the country. I write mostly non-fiction books with a focus on sports, ghosts and haunted places, and graphic novels.

Most of all, I love to visit schools and share my high-energy, interactive school author visits with students of all ages.I visit thousands of students each year, sharing my passion for reading and writing. While my visits are fun and exciting, students also learn plenty, including what it takes to write a book, keys to being a successful writer in school, and some of the lessons that helped me go from a struggling student to a published author.

I also love to hear from students, and every visit is filled with lots of student questions to make sure they are getting the answers they want.

If you are interested in bringing one of my programs to your school, browse the site, see what other educators have to say, then email matt@mattchandlerwriting.com with any additional questions or to reserve a date.

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We have had rave reviews from the staff, parents and children as to how much they enjoyed having you at our school! Matt you were a pleasure to work with, so informative, genuine and fantastic.

Krissie Bonin, PTO PresidentEllicott Elementary