• Matt Chandler

New Health Series Coming Fall 2019

I am best-known for writing three primary types of books: sports books (more than a dozen titles), ghosts and haunted places books (both fiction and non-fiction), and graphic novel style books (ranging from WW II spy stories to historical looks back at Ninjas and The Trojan War). That is why my latest series came as quite a shock to students at a recent school author visit when I shared the covers with them.

The series, my first with Cherry Lake Publishing, covers some heavy topics including Mental Health and Suicide. As dark as that may sound to some, I think these are incredibly important books to get into schools and into the hands of young people who may be feeling isolated, misunderstood, or struggling.

As a writer, the opportunity to make a difference with my words is the greatest possible outcome in my career. If I can ignite the passion to read with a student through an author visit, or spark the writing bug in a student who attends my writing workshops, that is awesome. With these books, it goes much deeper. I hope students will find hope, answers, and options in the pages of these books and feel empowered to reach out for help.

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